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July 10, 2018

Our state has several committees that need volunteers just like you!  Below is a list of current committees:


Audit – reviews the associations books before Annual Business Meeting and reports findings during meeting

Clerk Directory –  start an on-line directory with ACCRTA member photos and information

Clerk of the Year – accept nominations for consideration and review the same with the ACCRTA VP

Education Review – work with Institute Director and Workshop hosts to come up with topics relevant to our members

Facebook/Website – update and provide information of relevance to members and share achievements, etc.

Fundraising – raises money for the association – funds are used to provide scholarships, etc.

IIMC / Conference – Arkansas will host the 2022 IIMC Conference in Little Rock. Many volunteers will be needed to plan and prepare for the conference (we anticipate 750 – 800 attendees)

Legislative – stay up-to-date on legislation at the state and federal level affecting our members.

Membership Development – District Directors – host and promote workshops and other educational opportunities. Contact prospective members and former members to encourage joining ACCRTA

Mentor – be a mentor for another member from a similar sized city or town

Nominations & Elections – keep list of members who are eligible for consideration as an officer and find out interest. Make recommendations to members at Annual Business Meeting

Scholarship – receive applications for Scholarships for Workshops, Institute and IIMC Conference. Review and award scholarships to members.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact 2018-2019 ACCRTA President Andrea Williams at

We need you!

Diane Whitbey, CAMC/MMC
City Clerk and Treasurer
City Hall
300 Main Street
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114